Prettiness of Modern City & Peaceful Country Side

01/12/2021 Đăng bởi: KHANG Công Ty TNHH TM DV GREEN TASTE & LOTUS TÍN
Prettiness of Modern City & Peaceful Country Side

#A Modern City or Peaceful Country Side

You love living in a big city-Modern city, or in contrast-A peaceful & Pure country side is your looking forward? About both of them?

A modern city is definitely including prospery, innovation and civilization. Having a wide circle of deversified & strong economies, good social welfare, unpolluted environment. Each of us is united to make it better together-Try our best to develope suitably.

City life-Large commuity also offers us many important moral benefits, we tend to become liberal and broad-minded. The city is a a crossroads of many different cultures in the world and it is also a place where we can get up to date knowledge and information about nearly all areas of life. We should always keep our mental toward to touch with nature, our taste for the delicate beauty of fields and woods and grandeur of mountains and seas. An Intersection between urban and rural prettiness-Promotion boons & advantages both of them.

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