What makes a happy life

14/09/2021 Đăng bởi: KHANG Công Ty TNHH TM DV GREEN TASTE & LOTUS TÍN
What makes a happy life

It's hard to decide what makes a happy life, for we cannot agree on a definition of happiness that is acceptable to all. The truth is that, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, happiness is a state of the mind which depends entirely on the individual concerned. We have to be quite definite what sort of happiness we aim to achieve. Some people believe that desire for wealth and material pleasures is the root of all discontentment, they hold that as long as one runs after wealth and material pleasures one cannot achieve happiness in life. The average man will find little happiness in a life which he has nothing that he can call his own. There can be no common standard to decide this. Some may consider wealth as the first of these conditions, others there may be who differ. Again, granted wealth is one of the conditions for happiness, we will find it difficult to answer how much of it is needed to make a happy life. This will apply to all factors that one can think of. Health, social position, security in life, fame and education, etc... - All or some of these may be enumerated as factors essential to a happy life. So it is futile to attempt to give a single answer to this-Nothing can make your life happy unless you know how to feel happy:)


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